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Getting someone to take action after reading your post, ad, etc. is a true skill and a sign of a talented marketer.

You can have all the right pieces in place…from a killer headline to an amazing article, but if it doesn’t result in action, is it worth it? 

Here are 5 effective principles for writing a better Call-to-Action (CTA)

What is your goal?
When writing CTAs, start with an end goal in mind. What action do you want your audience to take?

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Who is your audience?
Knowing your audience goes deeper than creating a random marketing persona.

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Create a sense of urgency
FOMO is real. Without a sense of urgency, your audience would most likely not take any form of action. 


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Strike a balance between creativity and simplicity 
Don’t try to be too smart or witty by using phrases or words your audience doesn’t know.

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Because I said so
In 1978, Harvard professor Ellen Langer carried out a study that showed the power of using the word “because”. Instead of just telling people to do something, tell them why they should do it.

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